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Fringe 1.17: Bad Dreams

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I did what they told us. I waited, Olive. The soldier to  come is both  natural and unnatural. I waited to be called up. You stay  fit; stay  focused, and stay ready. I wore the blacks and grays. I  blended in. But  the call never came. It never came. Then, that man with  the glasses, he  showed up at the hospital. He spoke all the old words.  He said they’re  coming. He needed warriors. He said… “What was written  will come to  pass.” He said he knew how to wake me up. I shouldn’t  have listened to  him. Sometimes what we wake up, it can’t be put back  to sleep.

— Nick Lane to Olivia Dunham | Fringe 1.17: Bad Dreams
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Fringe 2.08: August

Alice, Part 1 (2009) Two Part Miniseries

Doctor Who 2009 Specials (4.15): Planet of the Dead

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Unpopular fandom opinion time! Truth be told, this special was really the only one of Tennant’s final bunch of episodes that I actually enjoyed a bit and wasn’t either extremely bored or frustrated by. Sure, there were ridiculous fly people and a lot of cheese (this is Doctor Who, after all, and, as much as I love it, it can be quite silly), but it was fun and light. Also, if I remember correctly, this was the first episode to be filmed in HD and boy, does it show. I won’t lie and say that it didn’t contribute to part of my enjoyment.

Dollhouse 2.04: Belonging

This is the best Dollhouse episode and it ranks among my favorite television episodes of all time. I swear it is just so perfect.
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I cried.

Walter: Astrid. Astrid.
Astrid: Walter. Thought I lost you. Don’t worry about this place. Okay, I’m, uh, I’m gonna clean this up.
Walter: Peter said you were followed. Oh, dear God. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.
Astrid: Walter, it’s not your fault.

— Fringe 2.09: Snakehead
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favourite walter/astrid moment [asked by imminenteminence]

Lost 5.08: LaFleur